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Break the ice and get everyone joining in with a professionally compered Karaoke Evening by Solitaire!

  • Experience - professional, confident compere
  • Full PA - crystal clear, radio microphones
  • Professional Gear - echo & pitch control
  • Displays - small screen or projection
  • Songbooks - choose from over 5,000 tunes
  • Sundries - request slips and pens
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Karaoke Brings People Together

Karaoke is a great way to break the ice at any party and grab everyone's attention from the off. Combined with our disco options you'll have a whole evening's entertainment which will be enjoyed by all - from the youngest to the oldest guests in attendance.

Professionally Compered

Your Solitaire Karaoke Host is extremely confident with his microphone skills. He'll be clearly and precisely heard over the PA system to get peoples attention for when it's their turn to sing. It sounds silly, but in our experience many hosts still don't use the microphone properly and end up sounding muffled and unable to co-ordinate the event properly.

You need to entertain people and grab their attention to get them involved. With a Solitaire Karaoke package you will get just that.

Unless people are experienced karaoke singers they tend to be a little shy at the beginning of the evening and need some encouragement to get up and sing. Many people run a karaoke business simply because they enjoy singing themselves - but this often isn't reason enough. You need to learn how to use a microphone properly, how to work the crowd and how to encourage people to get excited when they have witnessed possibly the worst singer ever! Not to mention learning how to use and set up the equipment properly for best effect.

Each of Solitaire's Karaoke Hosts has trained as a DJ, and they are therefore trained in how to use the microphone to its full effect and potential. They also have the 'know-how' in terms of the sound equipment, so know where to place speakers for instance for the maximum effect and coverage.

The Karaoke Set-Up

A standard Karaoke set-up for a small to medium venue would consist of a pair of 12" or 15" full-range 200-300W speakers with a 400W mixer amp and 15" or 19" TFT monitors. This would give ample coverage for up to 120 people. Larger set-ups would include an enhanced sound system and a projector & big screen for larger rooms.

We currently carry a catalogue of around 5000 songs, starting with some real classics such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, coming right up to date with the current chart. We keep it fresh by purchasing the latest Sunfly discs each month, but still tend to find that people would much rather sing along with the oldies such as Mustang Sally or Summer Nights.

So for your Karaoke Night Solitaire would provide:

  • An experienced presenter
  • A full PA system to suit the venue and guest count, with radio microphones
  • Karaoke machine with echo and pitch control facility
  • Monitors and/or a big screen & projector
  • Songbooks to choose your tunes from
  • Request slips and pens

We can also incorporate Karaoke with a disco, but if you just wanted a Karaoke we could play background music while your guests arrive and inbetween singers, creating and maintaining the right atmosphere.

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