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Just some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a Solitaire DJ or Disco for your next event:

  • Experienced - reliable professionals
  • Flexible - playlists & requests
  • Responsive - reading the dancefloor
  • Equipment - appropriate for your venue
  • Music - all styles for all ages & tastes
  • Attitude - we listen to our customers
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Private Functions, Parties and Events

DJ hire can be a difficult choice, but the main things you should consider are experience and reliability. There are lots of things you need to find out when booking a mobile disco - on this page we introduce the main reasons for booking Solitaire.


Solitaire was established in 1984, so we have over 25 years experience in running many different sorts of functions, be that a wedding reception, dinner/dance or a birthday party. We understand exactly how to make yours run smoothly.


As well as accepting music playlists or guidance from you in advance, we're also happy to take requests from your guests on the night. We'll continually read the dancefloor to see what's working and what isn't, and direct the music choices accordingly. There is nothing worse than a DJ playing music for half an hour that no-one is dancing to!

Equipment Suitability

There's absolutely no point having enough equipment to fill a stadium when you are arranging an intimate dinner/dance for 50-100 guests. This would look out of place and could be intimidating for some guests.

On the other hand, if you are planning a bigger function, we would come with enough audio and lighting equipment to fill the venue with distortion-free sound and lighting equipment to fill the room.

All of Solitaire's equipment is from professional-grade, high quality suppliers. We have access to backup equipment in the event of an item failing, and everything is regularly serviced and safety-checked.

Music Choices

We can play almost any style of music you wish, but we do know generally what gets people onto the dancefloor and moving. When you book one of our DJs we will always ask for any styles that are required and most of the time customers will leave it up to the DJ to select appropriate songs for the guests at the function. This is where the ability to read the dancefloor comes into play.

All DJs come prepared with a selection of music second to none, starting with songs from the 1940s and carrying on right through the 50s, Rock 'n' Roll, Motown, 60s, 70s glam, disco & soul, through to New Romantic and Ska eras of the 80s, and then up to date with top dancefloor fillers, R&B plus of course the top cheesy pop tunes!

We don't supply the kind of DJ who won't play a song because it will ruin his 'street credibility' or is not 'cool' enough; if we think it's appropriate and people will enjoy it, we will play it. Similarly, your DJ will also play requests as long as he thinks they will fit with the style of the party.


We have listened to the opinions of lots of clients over the years who have been to different functions, and the one thing that comes up repeatedly is the attitude of some DJs. Some who don't understand or want to understand the client's needs in regards to music. Perhaps playing the wrong style of music at the wrong volume, or even being rude to guests at the party. There is no need for this. Any reasonable request can be attended to.

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